Our alPacas

In the Meadow Farm has twelve very diverse alpacas.  Each member of the herd have very different and unique personalities.  



aka: Beau

Beau is the big boy of the herd. Born in 2011 he is one of our first members.  As you can see he is white and provides us with the fleece we use to dye for our felting classes and workshops.  He is a sweet boy who looks out for the rest of the herd and keeps the more rambunctious members in line.

Likes:  Fresh hay and solitude

Dislikes: Being dragged into a wrestling match


Tucker was born in 2014 and is dark brown.  He his fleece feels like smooth silky butter.  He is very curious and love to instigate the rest of the herd into wrestling matches.

Likes: A good tussle and grain and watermelon

Dislikes:  Being disturbed at meal time.



Benjamin Buttons

aka: Ben

Ben was also born in 2014.  He is the only black member of the herd and his fleece is a wonderfully shiny and soft.  Ben is very timid and prefers to stand at what he deems a safe distance while still being curious about what is going on.  But hold out some grain and he is all in!

Likes:  Grain and a good wrestle

Dislikes:  Cuddling


Thunder was born in 2014 and is the quiet, thoughtful member of the herd.  Thunder and Beau are half brothers.  He is very gentle and loves to give kisses.   He is a great care taker of the younger members.  

Likes:  Fresh hay and kisses

Dislikes:  Being woken from a nap




aka Smoke

Smokescreen is our rose-grey boy.  He rounds out our boys born in 2014.  He has a very even disposition and is very curious about new people.  Smoke also love to give kisses.

Likes:  A good neck scratch, apples

Dislikes:  Those who try to steal his dinner


Sawyer is our dark brown "Baby".  He is oldest of our young boys born in 2015.  Sawyer has an old soul and is very gentle. 

Likes:  Pretending to be invisible, and getting a good body massage

Dislikes: Being involved in mischief 




aka. Paddy

Paddington is the middle child of the 2015 "babies".  He is our dark brown/gray boy.  Paddy is very sweet and lovable and will let everyone pet him.

Likes:  A good roll and cuddle

Dislikes: Bullies 


aka. Trouble

Phantom rounds out our "babies" born in 2015.  He is a medium silver gray and is the full brother to Benjamin Buttons.  He is by far the most feisty of the whole group, but is also curious and sweet.

Likes:  Lots of grain, playtime, and being in everyone's business

Dislikes: Being told no



McGraw joined the herd in 2017. Born in 2010 he is the elder statesman. He takes this job very seriously and can often be found outside at night being lookout.

Likes: Sleeping under the stars, cleaning up dropped grain

Dislikes: Having his job stolen


Pascal also joined the herd in 2017. He was born in 2011. Pascal is shy and gentle but always has a smile on his face.

Likes: Doing his own thing.

Dislikes: Being dragged into a wrestling match


george marker.jpg


George arrived at the farm in the Fall of 2018. He was born in 2014. He almost looks white, but is actually a light silver grey. We have found that he loves small children.

Likes: Spending time with little humans.

Dislikes: Invasion of his personal space

jak3 marker (2).jpg

Captain Jak Sparrow

Jak came in the fall of 2018. He is the baby of the herd having been born in 2017. Jak is playful, curious, and always first in line for food. Although he is a baby, he still one of our biggest fleece producers.

Likes: FOOD and playing

Dislikes: Not being involved